Our Values


Partnering became popular in construction largely as a result of Sir Michael Latham’s report, ‘Constructing the Team’ in 1994 which criticised the adversarial approach inherent in traditional construction contracts. This was followed by publication of ‘Partnering in the Team’ by the Construction Industry Board.

Partnering is a broad term used to describe a collaborative management approach that encourages openness and trust between parties to a contract or series of projects. The parties become dependent on one another for success and this requires a change in culture, attitude and procedures throughout the supply chain. It is most commonly used on large, long-term or high-value contracts.

Black Star directors have used Partnering and Alliances since the mid 1990’s and have found it to be very beneficial to all its members and its culture and attitudes means projects are completed more quickly and with almost no tensions or usual friction.

Black Star sees establishing a long-term, win-win relationships based on mutual trust and teamwork, focusing on what each party does best, by sharing financial and other resources as the only way forward.


Black Star focuses on profitability for its Partners. Our development and delivery teams leverage their expert local and national knowledge in planning policies, project sourcing, design and delivery to find and add value to the most valuable developments and land available today.


The Black Star design team delivers industry-leading bespoke services tailored to deliver an amazing experience throughout the process of creating the perfect and working living spaces.


The Black Star delivery team protects all our workers with vigour meaning investors and the delivery teams can rest assured that projects will be completed on time and within budget whilst meeting the most stringent health, safety and environmental requirements.


Black Star fundamentally believes people are absolutely critical for Partnering to work. Our team culture is founded on the three pillars of vision, energy and control, ensuring that what we do is well planned, stunningly executed and delivers outstanding results for all of our stakeholders.

Our Objectives

Our objective is to become one of the Tier 1 leading developers of residential, work place and leisure schemes by focusing on delivering projects that are exceeding leading edge in design and functionality.

We will do this by:

Maintaining the group’s focus on site identification and acquisition, cutting edge architecture and interior design, product development, innovative marketing and sales techniques, and cost control

Identifying, through detailed market research, the location of our markets, the appropriate mix of uses within our schemes and the property requirements of our occupiers

Continue to develop excellence in customer service to provide the before and after sales customer service that is expected of a Tier 1 Developer and Investor

Continuing to engage with professional services through Partnering to build highly skilled and effective teams in the architectural, interior design, engineering and facilities management sectors

Increasing links with land owners to undertake joint venture projects

Selecting key contractors who can use Partnering to its best effect to deliver our projects on time and to budget

Generating above average returns for our investors and funding partners